Thursday, April 10, 2014

To Dream the Possible Dream

This morning, at coots, geezers, and old poops (retired teachers' meeting!). Cath and I did a presentation on the new AARP program called Life, Reimagined!  It is a national program to help retirees and people of age (50 and above!) to help discover life after 50.  As we understand it, the purpose is to help transition mature individuals into their increasingly active encore activities.  We truly were preaching to the choir.  Our group of retirees is anything but old, and anything but inactive.  Yet sometimes, a reminder can be good.  There are six tenets to the program.  First, one needs to reflect on the things they love to do and the people with whom they love to do them.  Second, we need to be aware of and utilize the technology available for staying connected.  Third, we need to explore what possibilities exist for us.  Fourth, we need to poop or get off the pot (as my sainted mother would say, not necessarily using those terms).  Choose something and try it.  Fifth, and my favorite, we need to repack.  We carry so much baggage in terms of our weakness and failures that we are weighted down and can't soar.  Since none of us is a time traveler, we can't undo the past.  We need to learn from it, shed it, and move on.  Finally, none of this is available without action.  Basically put, I now have the opportunity to do things that I want to do, with whom I want to do them, and by gosh, I'm going to!  All things are possible (not necessarily attainable, but possible) and now I am going to "go for the gusto!" We need to dream in possibilities! And live knowing how to love!

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