Saturday, April 26, 2014

Peeved? I don't think so!

I was so ready to be peeved.  I wanted it!  I thought I was entitled.  After all, who do they think they are?  Not allowing everything to be done on my time in my way!
What is he talking about?  Why does he rave incessantly about the most trivial of things?  Fair questions.  Let me bring you up to speed.  We have a design for a t-shirt ready to be screen printed.  Since it is above 40 and I am NOT going to run today, I thought I should walk downtown to set up the printing.  It was 9:15.  A leisurely walk would get me there by 9:30, the time at which I thought any merchant would be open.  I walked a little faster than anticipated.  9:25 and not one of the three screen printing establishments was open.  I could deal with that.  Walk over to the grocery store and purchase needed sustenance for preparing supper.  Run into a good friend.  Talk for a while.  Purchase my groceries.  Wander back to main street.  9:45.  No one is open.  So I figures, probably 10:00, Bill!  Head for the Goss (coffee shop) for a cup of non-polluted (see Facebook entry today) coffee and a scone (white chocolate and raspberry).  Enjoy a leisurely pleasant repast.  10:05.  Wander across the street.  Closed.  Closed. And Closed.  Stop in at a former student's establishment to see if he did screen printing.  He said he jobbed it one of the three shops that was closed.  He also informed me that it WAS Saturday, so they were probably closed for all day.  What?  Closed for all day?  When I "need" something done?  How rude!
You are now up to speed.  My first reaction?  See opening paragraph.  Then, however, I thought about it.  How smart of them to realize there are other things in life than work.  How common sense of them to realize that there probably are no life or death situations in the screen printing business.  Whatever "needed" to be done could wait until Monday.  Hopefully, they were doing something of priority they wanted done, or, in lieu of that, having a good time doing something they wanted to do.  You see, I object to the philosophy that every business should cater to my every whim.  On special holidays, they SHOULD be closed.  Easter.  Thanksgiving.  Christmas.  Weekends.  My birthday.  All the biggies.  If I can't plan ahead enough to have what I need for those days, shame on me.  I can just make do.  And once they set normal business hours, I should be able to plan around them. 
So, I am not peeved.  Instead, I am pleased for them, and from now on, if there's a chance they're not open, I'll call before I walk.  Besides, the walk did me some good!  Enjoy your Saturday and know you are loved!

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  1. A great reminder, Bill, that so many things are out of our control, but sharing happiness is not. I'm reminded of that each day in Hungary, and try to take advantage of knowing this is the ONLY time I'll live in rural, northeast Hungary--what a moment to celebrate, discover something new, and share some happiness. Love reading your thoughts!!