Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Room mates

Is there ever a bigger crap shoot than looking for (or being assigned) a room mate?  When I was teaching, they told me I would be sharing my room with a young lady who would teach part time.  Since my mother raised three only children, I wasn't thrilled with the idea!  She was younger than I, she had young children, and she bowled!  None of these boded well.  Little did I know she would become one of my very best friends, have three amazing children she shared with me, or would provide amazingly entertaining stories from the bowling alley!  As teachers, we became joined at the hip.  Her kids were my kids.  If I needed help, she was there.  It simply worked.  When I moved out of the room to do my next job (I got an office!), I was replaced by a young man who to this day claims to be "the new and improved bz!"  Cocky!  Self assured.  Green behind the ears.  And wore ugly socks!  But oh, how he loved kids and teaching!  And how lucky he was to be given the opportunity to enjoy my former room mate!  She took him by the hand and guided him through that first year, showing him how to maintain the love AND provide a good classroom atmosphere.
Both are now teaching across the street from our "home" and are once again room mates.  I went to visit yesterday and as always had a blast.  How lucky those students are to have them.  How lucky I am to have them!  And how glad I am they have each other!  My current room mate (of forty plus years) is the love of my life.  These former room mates are life-long friends.  I am an amazingly lucky man, and you are loved!

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